Unsound sound system flyer  

Cross bones flyer

Free party flyer  

Free party flyer

íFree Party flyer -  Waterdon Road Hackney Wick    
Luis  contributed this section
Whoever, Wherever, Whenever, However, Whatever


The new social order.
A sub-urban mix cultural subversive DIY new newage working class co-operative cross-over-counter culture.
A new World Wide Web of free sound systems, the voice for the culturally dispossessed. Towards the achievement of the special delirium.

Frenetic acts bordering religions, the cult to the beats as a reaction against the
capitalist system that mobilises its policing forces to out-law diversity and dissent

of alienation and lies timetables and abusive prices EUtopias and American dreams
regulations, prohibitions, obligations or restrictions.

The new generation of gatherers Techno-tribal-travellers, Eco-warriors, Protesters, Dissenters,
Opposites, Libertarians, Dreamers Hippies and Zippies,  techno-freaks, speed-freaks, cyber-freaks, doleites, performers, activists, anarquists, unionist, populists, crusties, clubbers, squatters, techno-punks high-seekers, spliff-heads,
users and abusers, all united, all under one same roof
of consciousness in the underground universe.
Exploring the new creative channels provided by the
searching for the thrill, looking for the beats on a sub-real universe of trashed warehouses, abandoned buildings, rusty pubs, empty bingos and out of use moviedromes.

Be different, unique, intelligent, be yourself Long Life to the

To the cult of the new  e generation, the new cyber-culture An immense and powerful counter-culture in growing disaffection for politics and politicians.


 Photos of London free parties from fotoscopia, the source for the images is Luis