Norwich Free Festival 1987

This was a weekend festival just north of Norwich towards the end of 1987 and one of the few I actually took a camera to. This was just before the rave culture hit and there had been some debate as to whether to allow any electric music at the fair. In the end, we did have bands.

The nighttime though was spent around camp fires, getting trollied in the time honoured way and the days werem't so very different.

The festival site

A fairly traditional sort of traveller festival, stalls, camp fires and dogs. Jeannie has contacted me to say the dog and the yellow bender tent next to the red and white van belonged to her.

Solar powered kettle

A solar powered tea stall. That's a kettle at the focus of the dish. It worked as well!

Passing the time

The daytime was spent getting hammered of course. Here the drug is beer.

Dave's not in.

This was Daves van. I first met this guy in the early 80's and gave him the nickname "Proto Hippy", because it seemed to me he was going to grow up to be a real one. When he did of course, he became known as "Proto". Others called him Womble, because he collected tat in huge quantities.

I spent many an evening visiting Dave in his van, and I have many happy memories of sitting around his wood burner stove on cold winter nights. These days he's known as Dave again.

Note the prices ...

Night time


I always enjoyed the nighttime at free festivals, it was the time when strange things happened and nobody minded too much, well you sort of expected them. Things went in much the same way as they do in a chill-out room at a good party these days.

Sunrise over the travellers vehicals

Dawn over the travellers vehicles.


I know the feeling ....

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