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Throughout the 1980's and into the 90's I was a regular on the Norwich independent gig scene, in the early days turning up at events with van loads of (usually very old) video equipment. This was way before I had any access to video edit suites of anything like that, and especially at first it was before all in one camcorders.

My first camera was huge and originally came as a part of a "portable" VHS system, one of the early piano key decks that ran off lead acid batteries. The camera had a separate CCU/power supply and connected to the deck via a multicore cable. This was soon adapted with loads of gaffa tape so that the camera was all one unit.

Although the camera was on its last legs, it did have a lovely lens with a professional feel. The viewfinder however barely worked, it was all a bit hit and miss. My tripod was hardly strong enough to hold the camera, but when folded up made an effective if uncomfortable shoulder mount.

The deck was just about dead by the time I inherited it, but I modified the multicore lead so as to plug into my home (rented) VCR. This was stereo but not a hifi sound, the early VHS stereo decks simply had a stereo linear track. I fed the audio into the VHS from a small 4 channel mixer taking a feed from the PA desk and cross pair mics.

The original recordings with this old set up had very weak colour and the sound was hissy to put it mildly. The pictures have been improved massively with Final Cut Pro and the sound with Adobe Audition.

Later hand held camcorders came along, which made for better pictures, but without the flexibility to take sound feeds.

Videos hosted by Youtube

That Hobnailed Cockroach - Live Thetford Youth Club

THC were a Norwich local psychedelic band from 1990 - 1991

Excursions of a lysergic nature


Don't tread on me.

Passchendaele live in Anglia Square - 1990


Inspired by the Cure Passchendaele were a local Norwich band. This was the first and last Saturday gig in Anglia Square promoted by the music shop Academy of Sound (now Sound Control).

The Disrupters live in the Arts Centre 1988

From the video "Anarchy Peace and Chips", this was the last Disrupters gig till they reformed in 2007


Deviated Instinct - The whole DI set from the UEA barn 30th March 1987

Another local band who went on to bigger things. DI were formed in the dying days of Europe's biggest squat, Argyle Street in Norwich. A part of the hippy punk stench core movement of the mid 80's. The Barn was an old barn on the UEA Village site, now sadly long gone it was basic - no loos - but cheap to hire and pretty well indestructible, ideal for punk gigs.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Antisect - Same Barn gig as DI above.

"They came"


Streetlife live in UEA residences K block

"The law"

11th October 1986. The old Fifers Lane residences also known as "Horsham", demolished in the late 90's the site is now a housing estate.

Benjamin Zephaniah with The Liberators Rainbow Fair 1986

The closing act of the 1986 Earlham Park Rainbow fair in Norwich, the last of the "Green fairs held in the park. Benjamin Zephaniah jamming with The Liberators. This is "Nelson Mandela must be free" - this was some three years before the fall of apartheid in South Africa. This set was original recorded for a video of the fair.

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