Pictures from traveller site - Mary O'Brien

March 2009 - Message from Graham Eccles to Mary

I spent lots of time with Milo and Mary both around Cornwall and Somerset but had a bit of a falling out a few years back and lost touch. I was then and am still very sad about that. I have the same creased copy of Milo sitting on the cliffs and mary playing the guitar with that serene look on her face. I miss them both

f you see this, Mary, send an e-mail to at and tell him how to contact you. He's now fairly settled with a small child but would love to meet up again.

These are a selection of pictures taken by Mary O'Brien - a life-long traveller - throughout the 1990's and into 2000

Many thanks to Mary for allowing me to out these online. Copyright remains with Mary.

Busking in Cowes, IOW, 1998

IOW 1990

Bender in Kent, 2003

Cornwall, 2002

Eviction death, Richard Raulin

Puppies, Cork



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