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Old photos of me  

Me. Honest. Taken around 1960 or so on the beach - The Gower - in South Wales during the family holiday.
David, Mum and Rita forcing me to enjoy myself

Also in Wales

me 1960ish - with most of the family Most of the family (minus Rita my sister) around 1960 or so. Back row brother David (died 1962), uncle Earn and wife Audrey. Middle row Mum, dad (died 1987). Front row me (yeah, yeah) and cousin Paul.

Also taken on summer holiday in Wales

Me on brother David's motorbike Me on the back of David's bike (a James Captain). This is in Grenville Road, Aylesbury, where I was born.
Me and more family, Brighton 1960ish This was in Brighton, Mums dad is on the right. Syd lived to be nearly 100, he chain smoked a pipe and drunk like a fish.
me, early 60's Not sure where this was taken, but I think it was in Ellesmere Port, after we'd moved to Merseyside in the early 60's.

I do remember the photo being taken though, and the book was about space flight.

Class 4t1, Grange School, Ellesmere Port Form 4T1 of the Grange Secondary Modern School in 1968. That's Dalton Moorehouse in the middle, my English teacher who turned me onto making cine films. I'm second row from the front, with the off-centre V - necked wooly (which I've still got!)
me and Dalton Moorehouse School sports day, 1969 or thereabouts. The teacher on the right is Dalton Moorehouse, the same as in the group photo above. Picture taken by Pete King, someone I lost contact with for years, till finding him again through the "Friends reunited" website in 2001
me 1973 ish

Yeah well, around 1973 or so. I discovered long hair - from the days when I had hair to grow long...

This was my college days, hippy I was.

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