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If you're looking for information about somewhere in north Norfolk, this site isn't really for you. The name comes from the postcode NR2 3xx where I live; the Norwich Golden Triangle, and the significance of the number 23 which may or may not become apparent.


Me in 2023.

A personal look at my bit of the latter half of the 20th Century and the first bit of the 21st, with perhaps a dash of explanation as to why I don't really like what's happened to the country in that time, and certainly why I dislike much that the present government and, well, politicians in general in fact.

In short, I've always felt this country has so much to offer yet we elect such morons to rule over us, so perhaps we only have ourselves to blame.

I'm retired now, but this is a look back on what has, so far, been mostly a fun time.

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Stuff that's happened to Norwich

Blame the government

Ministry of defence germ warfare tests 
how the government used Norwich as a part of its germ warfare experiments.

The great Magdalen Street Massacre
A part of Norwich we don't like to talk about, the soon to be demolished Anglia Square architectural abortion and its unloved flyover.

Cultural Stuff

Alternative NR23 
Hippies, punks, Free festivals, raves, stuff like that. An alternative that the powers that be tell us we don't have any more.

DIY survival

DIY guide to saving lives and things
How to do real first aid.

raveer 1999;
A raver from the London free party scene, 1999


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