DIY first aid - serious cuts and bleeding

4: Injuries with lots of blood.

If the person looses a lot of blood, they pass out and then die, so the idea is to stop the bleeding, or at least to slow it down long enough for the ambulance to arrive if it's that bad.

First check for bits of glass and things, carefully remove anything visible and which can easily be  wiped off with some clean cloth.

Cover the wound, ideally with sterile dressing or as a clean cloth as you can find, you'll need enough cloth to more than cover the wound, if its a cut to an arm or leg, wrap the bandage around the limb. Make it tight enough to limit the bleeding but, of course, not so tight as to stop flowing around the veins.

If the person is capable, get them to hold the cloth in position, it'll give them something to do.

If the cut is bad, lay the person down and if possible lower the head and put the feet on a chair or something to raise them higher (this keeps blood in the brain).

Unless there is a complication like a broken bone and the cut is on a limb, raise and support the injured part.

If the bleeding isn't stopped by the pressure pad of cloth, put more on, covering the first pad (i.e. leave your first attempt in position and cover it with more cloth).


If its a cut to an arm or leg, immobilise it. If its an arm, tie it to the persons body, or if its a leg, tie the two together but of course don't tie over the injured area.

If you can't easily remove the object stuck in the wound, then you'll have to cover it with the object still in.

A; Cover the wound including the bit of glass or whatever
B: Apply pressure around the edge
C: Make a "doughnut" arrangement of cloth as shown
D: bandage around the cut, applying pressure around the edge of the cut.

Get the person off to hospital

Generally if it's an rm or leg the casualty can be moved and should be taken to hospital as soon as possible if its a bad cut.

If the injury is more serious, such as to the stomach area and it's deep enough to see inside (you'll know an internal organ when you see it) keep them where they are and get help. Use a pad as above to limit the blood loss till help arrives. If the injury is serious and  internal organs pop out, leave them hanging and don't try to push them back in.

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