Banana Moon

Near Petersfield, Hampshire
17th June 2000

We'd heard there was police trouble earlier in the day, but the word was the party was still on, so around 11.00pm we made our way out into the Hampshire countryside, down several country lanes several times, round one loop and eventually past the landmark pub, up a dirt track and onto the site.

Quite a lot of people had already got there and many more were turning up, but there were no sounds, the police had prevented the original system setting up earlier in the day, threatened all sorts of heaviness against it and eventually escorted it out of the county.

As we all waited around patiently for something to happen, car after car made its way onto the site, headlights casting beams through the dust kicked up from the road.

A replacement rig was found and that came to life sometime after midnight. The sound was a bit rough at first, but as more amps were added it got better and eventually became nice and kicking.



The party was in a barn, quite a big place with just the right sort of acoustics, but with a drainage channel right down the middle of the dance floor which I kept finding all night. Outside was a big fire sending orange sparks into the still night air and a little stall selling oranges and bananas and things, but no tea.

It seems the police were doing their best to stop the party, they set up road blocks to stop people getting in which resulted in traffic chaos around the site as people dumped their cars and came in across the fields, including one chairbound guy with no legs who got his mates to lift him over hedges and fences. Eventually, faced with such determination, the police gave up and went away.

I would say the best bit of 1000 people turned up and it was one of the nicest up-for-it bunch of people I've partied with, the feeling that this really was an illegal party made for a much better atmosphere.

So a hot summer night spent going mental to banging techno in a barn, which eventually finished (for me) around 9.00am, followed by a long train ride back to Norwich which I can't remember at all. Brilliant!

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