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Caledonean Road, London

8th May 1999

Crossbones, Insanity, Cafe del squat and several other systems

We got through to the party line number very quickly, luck I guess and all five of us piled into one mini cab for the journey north from Brixton.

The Caly road was being dug up when we got there, but after something of a detour we arrived outside this fairly modern industrial warehouse around 1.00am.

"Where's the party mate" I asked someone, which was a bit of a daft question given the boom boom boom drifting through the still night air, "Over there" he said. Yeah right, OK, here we go ... again.

Three floors, nine sound systems, enter through the loading bay and pay 5 quid "donation" and then into a crowded hallway. I Force my way up the crowded stairway to the sound of "acid, base, KET-amine" to the second level and the Insanity room. I love Insanity, they have a really nice sound system, not so loud but clean and powerful. I'm never sure how to pidgin hole music, but I like the stuff they play. I'll take a plunge and call it trance, but I'll prolly get flamed for that.

On the top floor was Cross Bones, heavier, faster - claims to be gabba but isn't (so there) and at the other end of the top floor, Cafe del squat. Walls covered in graffiti, office rooms populated by trashed people and toilets you wouldn't want to eat your dinner in, this was a real London squat party. Forget the nice, safe controlled club scene, this is the real thing.

All night was spent wondering around from room to room, from soft almost fluffy trance to d&b; to pounding techno, the walls sparkling in crystal flashes of colours (although that might have been something I eat), dancing and sweating and hugging and screaming. This is raving. Did I mention nice safe clubs? Forget them.

Dawn happens and the Crossbones room has roof vents, light streams in and smoke drifts out. Downstairs in the loading bay I rescue a young kid - a regular I'd seen at many parties - and his girlfriend from a K-hole, pick them up, sit them down. Some other people here are very level headed and lend a hand, nice.

From an office room (with a locked safe) there was a prefect view of the main gate of HMP Pentonville, that did come as a bit of a surprise.

Around 10.00am my companions go home, I decide to stay to the end but give up around 3.00pm, everything is shut by now except Cross Bones, who seem to be getting the lights ready .....

Value for money.

A smack in the teeth for the anti rave laws.

Totally munted.

The real thing.

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