The Fortress

27th May 2000
Mayhem, Stinky Pink, Panik and two others

I've been staying away from big London parties for a while, they'd been doing my head in a bit, but after a couple of months I was ready for another try.

This one was in an old recording studio, actually a very good venue for this sort of thing. There had been some problems in the London parties earlier in the year, the dark side had been showing itself and unwelcome people had been turning up and causing problems. The organisers of this one took measures to prevent these problems by closing off unused areas amongst other things.

There were five rooms with two D&B; rigs, who's names I didn't get (I don't really go for D&B; to be honest), one at the far back of the building and one in a cellar which was hard to find.

The three other rooms were doing techno of various kinds but in my humble opinion the Stinky Pink room was by far the best . Jeeze, it was hot in there though and packed with very sweaty ravers going nuts to pounding techno, just the way it should be, so this was where I spent most of my time, occasionally coming out for air.

There were plenty of places to go for air as well. There was a really nice bar area selling tea with a balcony where you could sit and chat to munted people - all very civilised indeed.

Although the Mayhem and Panik rooms had quality choons on offer, Stinky Pink was the place to be and there I remained till it was time to crawl out, which turned out to be around 12.30 the next afternoon.

Just what a party should be, no darkside, no trouble worth mentioning.

Nice one.

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