Golden Triangle

Whitlingham Marshes, Near Norwich
14th April 2000

I was given the flier in a pub during the week, it didn't say much, just a phone number to ring on Friday night.

So around 11.30, I phoned the number, got the directions and set off on the bicycle into the deep wild countryside around Norwich. As I cycled along this dark country lane, I passed people walking along and cars passed me. Hmmm, much too much traffic for this little road, something is going down.

Eventually I get to the "dirt track on the left" and people are milling around. "Down there" someone says, so I wobble off down this dirt track, through a couple of open gates. There are people, but no sound of music.

It was around half midnight by the time I found the site. It looked good, under a bridge with a cafe bar and a large domed tent for chilling out in, but all there was in the way of sound was a genny running, no music.

It turned out that when they fired it all up, the genny throw a wobbly and died, taking the mixer with it.

Fortunately they had a spare genny, but the dead mixer had to be replaced, so we had to wait for someone to go fetch another. Anyway, around 2.00am it kicks off.

This place was amazing. It was outside yet had the acoustics of a warehouse. A fire gets built, lighting up the bridge with flickering orange light and then fire jugglers join in.

Filthy banging techno echoes around the place and there's a constant supply of tea and plenty of everything else you need for a good party.


Just as dawn begins to break I notice there is more to the bridge than I first realised. it's big flyover and continued into the distance behind the sound rig. Jeeze, I've been in smaller less impressive cathedrals. I go explore and as I walk under the bridge, the sound of the music echoes around the structure, a strange contrast between this and the silence of the surrounding marshes. Brilliant.

A little later and I go for a walk in the marshes and go sit in a bird watch hide for a while, you can't chill out like that in a derelict office block in London!

Things wound down around 9.00am and I cycled away with four others to go chill for the rest of the day. It had been a really nice gathering, no attitude, no problems, nothing like the big city dark-side, just a well up for it happy gathering of techno-nuts.

The ride across the city was wet but surprisingly easy considering all the dancing I'd been doing all night. The rest of the day didn't really exist though. Still, summer had started .....


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