The Penbury

Hackney 28th April 2000

A squat party on a Friday, now there's something, in an old pub this time! Old pubs seem popular with squatters just now, I go stay with some living in another old pub in Dalston and meet up with Paj there and together we set off to the party, a short walk away.

So we arrived around 12.30. The pub was all boarded up but we could see lights and there was a welcoming boom boom boom coming from inside. After a while we found the way in, down an alley way at the side.

A nice place for a party. This was quite a big pub, a large bar area formed the dance floor and enough people turned up to make the place quite crowded. Unlike a lot of parties I've been to in London, this one didn't have any attitude problems, most people seemed to be there just to have a good time. Perhaps I'm getting to know the London scene quite well by now, I seem to know a lot of the people there anyway

At one point a disagreement took place between a couple of people, this was defused very quickly by everyone nearby who simply got between the two people and separated them.

The music HEADFUK play is intense, even by London standards. It's fast, its pounding brain drilling Gabba - nice stuff - and I was enjoying it a lot when everything gets turned off by order of the blue meanies who came armed with a noise abatement order around 4.30am.

So the rest of the night was a bit quiet and we all sat around chatting and got to know each other a bit better.

Anyway, it was a short walk back to the squat I was staying in and it was a nice morning as well. Can't say fairer.

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