Trashed and busted and
the last Insanity party

25th September 1999

Saturday and I'm in London again for the annual "Smokey Bears picnic" in Hyde park, a somewhat wetter version than last years so I left fairly early and made my way to lovely Hackney to visit some squatter friends. A 19 story high rise full of squats, there's nowhere like 'ackney.

Around 11.30, we headed off to a Cross-bones party, somewhere near London bridge. The rumour was 6 systems, it sounded good.

But when we got there, Cross bones hadn't shown - or at least the "rig hadn't got there yet". Never mind, there were several rooms kicking off, so in we went and I set about exploring the building. From the top floor, I watched out of the window as the police turned up.

The top floor was one large empty room with three or four smaller offices at the back and a pile of 1980's style telephones on the floor. The place clearly hadn't been used for a long time before we turned up. By the time I got there, there was a strong smell of spray paint and the walls were already covered in some graffiti. As I was watching the police outside, people were running around the old office, making a mess. Eventually one of the office widows gets smashed, clearly the place isn't going to last long.

The fire alarms went off and were silenced in the traditional way (ie ripped off the walls). The building was being given "the treatment" and by time we were evicted around 1.am, the place already needed fairly extensive refurbishment ....


So we all meet up outside and decide to go to the final Insanity party, which was going to be a huge flop, there were very few there before we all turned up and rescued the event. It was in a very smart showroom type place just east of the City, just Insanity playing and no bar! (although one did eventually turn up). Anyway, enough people turned up to make it work and it turned into a really good event.

Upstairs a very smart conference room was reduced to a shell as the night progressed, but in a quite friendly and not at all dark way - ie gradually and with some humour, if you see what I mean.

Again the fire alarms went off and were silenced, a similar fate awaited the burglar alarm as well.

London squats can be a bit scary sometimes, but apart from one acid flip out and a lot of ket holing, there no major incidents, the alarms weren't needed.

I met the people who had liberated the first office block in one of the offices upstairs. They told me how they had taken over the office block we got evicted from ("these buildings find us" they said). They got the rigs out OK and the one who was arrested had been released.

The police turned up at the Insanity party in the early hours and seemed to field complaints from locals, then went away.

I like Insanity and the music they play, but you really need more than one rig in a party. Still, it was fun.

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