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My main hobby over the years - which I also made my career in a way - was making recordings of events, both audio and video.

Originally this meant 8mm film, which was far too expensive for me to do anything much with. When I moved to Norwich in the early 80's I came across an old tape recorder - a Ferrograph - which weighed a ton. I lugged this around some local band gigs, but it wasn't really a practical option.

When we did the Peaceful Green Fair I made use of Chris Philip's cassette deck, so I thought I'd better buy my own.

It was about that time video became an option, again originally heavy and bulky machines and big heavy cameras borrowed from work.

Eventually my job developed into doing this sort of thing professionally, so my hobby took a bit of a back seat.

The period 1980 - 2019 was a fantastic time to be involved in video production. The kit came down in price from being the sort of thing only TV stations could have to something kids could have in their bedrooms and in the last couple of years we broadcast events live in HD on the internet

Not everything survived of course, but here's everything that did.

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Videos of demos, festivals, places and things

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As AV technician at City College Norwich I left an archive on the college Youtube channel, which I orginally set up and ran.

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