Jack's Norwich

Routes into Norwich

These videos were recorded during the 2020 covid virus lockdown when the streets of Norwich were cleared of traffic. This was something my friend Jack Girling had wanted to make for a long time and the lockdown provided a wonderful opportunity to see the city without the chocking traffic or crowds of people. It was a strange time that combined a calm beauty with a menacing threat of the covid-19 virus

They follow the original routes into the city, routes that have been cut by newer road building such as the inner ring road of the early 70's and or by pedestrianisation.

These videos were recorded by me on my bike using a Gopro mounted on my crash hat, May 2020. The music is by local artist Sheepish, the tracks have been edited (sometimes shortened, sometimes doubled up). You can hear the full unedited music on his Soucloud page Sheepish music

The empty streets of Norwich - Bishopsbridge
My Muddy Fox mountain bike

Newmarket Road / Ipswich Road to the Cathedral

Riverside Road / Bishopsgate to the Cathedral

Heigham Street to the Cathedral

Earlham Road to Pull's Ferry

King Street and Magdalen Street

Brazengate to the Market

Kett's Hill to the Cathedral

Dereham Road to the Cathedral

St Martin's Road to the Cathedral

Magdalen Road to the Cathedral

Bishop's bridge to St Michael Coslany church, Colegate

Aylsham Road to the market

King Street via Riverside Road to Bishops bridge

Thorpe Road to the Cathedral

Ber Street to the castle