The Norwich Magdalen Street Massacre

Magdalen Street in 2005

South section South section
Looking south, the flyover is directly behind The street was given another make-over in the mid 90's when the city bound side of the road was reserved for buses (and eventually cycles). Removing the heavy traffic did improve what's left of the street a lot.
Nice old buildings Looking north at the flyover
Showing a little of the wealth of history in this area The flyover with Anglia Square beyond
Old graveyeard on the edge of the destruction Looking north
The wasteland to the South-east The Roys store occupies what was to have been a massive department store. Built in the early 70's this sat empty for nearly 20 years. Only the ground floor is used
The flyover The old Anglia TV studio - a former bowling alley

Looking down from Anglia Square's roof top car park gives some idea of the impact of the flyover on Magdalen Street.

The old Anglia TV studio (now EPIC) - this building (actually originally a bowling alley) was built at about the same time as Anglia Square
  Looking south tot he flyover
  Looking south toward the flyover
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