The Norwich Magdalen Street Massacre

The north-west area of devastation


An area of Norwich few locals ever visit, let alone tourists is the large plot of land behind Anglia Square and to the north of the ring road.

The land was cleared to make way for the rest of Anglia Square in the late 60's and has remained dead to this day, although it's now used as a "temporary" car park.

As a part of the ring road project, St Augustine’s Street was to become a "feeder"

road and hence would have been widened. The shops along the east side of St Augustine’s Street were hit by planning blight and have been derelict for the past 30+ years, the road was never widened of course.

The scale of the devastation is still visible to this day (this page was made in 2005).

From the back of Anglia Square looking toward St Augustine’s Street. The road was diverted at this point to run to the roundabout at the western end of the flyover, it runs behind the bill board which can be seen on the far side of the "car park" A little further along
The unfinished backside of Anglia Square showing the vast area of cleared land, which used to be a vibrant mix of houses and businesses with many mediaeval buildings St Augustine’s Street , still suffering the urban blight caused by the ring road / Anglia Square scheme
The down ramp from the Anglia Square multi-story car park, showing the extent of the cleared land. The houses in the far distance are on Magpie Road Looking across the wasteland towards the empty and decaying offices of Anglia Square
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