The Norwich Magdalen Street Massacre

Anglia Square


Anglia Square is an architectural abortion on Magdalen Street right next to the flyover and was built as part of the same project. It was built on what used to be an area of ancient buildings which were swept away in the mid-60's when the inner ring road (also unfinished) was built. Unlike most grand projects of this period, Anglia Square didn't even manage to see phase 1 completed.

For a couple of decades, a raw gap filled with cheap bricks remained in the wall around the main shopping square where some building was supposed to go to make

the so-called "upper ground" meaningful. It eventually got painted over in the mid-90's when they tried to Smarten the place up. It was a waste of money.

Anglia square is dominated by empty office blocks, the lower windows of which have been smashed and were later boarded up.

Wasteland under the flyover Anglia Square
Welcome to Anglia Square - the view from Magdalen Street as you emerge from under the flyover. This patch of land has been left unused since the early 70's. The "public face" of Anglia Square with its cinema.
Anglia Square Anglia Squarre from Edward Street
Shoppers paradise - a closed nightclub is on the left The view from Edward Street, the multi story car park above the disused "Fat Pauly's" nightclub
Anglia Square upper level The unfinished retaining wall
A close up of the unbuilt section on the upper level The unfinished edge of the main shopping square from the first floor level. Something was planned for the area where the little trees are, but it was never built.
Unfinished lift area Upper level
Unfinished lift entrance to the car park. Note the end of the corridor is covered with a plywood sheet which has been there since the early 70's Another view of the desolate upper level
The main square Upper level
Looking down into the square, it's a Saturday, a busy day. The dead-end upper deck
Derelict offices Derelict offices
The deserted office blocks on the first floor level. This area comes to life when skateboarders take over. The empty office blocks dominate the square. When first built these did look very smart, but they had a make-over in the 1990's which somehow took the shine off them, then HMSO moved out and left them vacant.
Unfinished backside of Anglia Square Unfinished backside of Anglia Square
Another view of the raw end, including the boarded up lift entrance seen from the other side. The unfinished rear of Anglia Square showing the acres of cleared land where phase two would have gone, had they managed to finish phase 1
  Unfinished backside of Anglia Square
  To be continued? I don't think so ... the raw end at the backside of Anglia Square
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