DIY first aid

1: Kissing the pavement - passing out.

If the person is wobbly on their feet, sit them down. Don't give them anything to eat or drink.

If they've passed out it's time to learn the recovery position, its easy enough to do.


The point of this is that if the patient is sick, they won’t choke and die. Next question is, why have they passed out? If there's a friend nearby, try to find out what the person has taken if anything and call an ambulance. If the person has had a stroke or other serious condition, it is vital to get help to them as fast as possible.

It is worth noting however that this condition is very normal with beer monsters / piss heads or whatever you like to call drinkers and also people who take ketamine, but not it's really what you would call "normal" for people who have taken any other kind of drug unless it's an overdose. Although drinkers often think it's funny when people pass out, it can be very serious, it is very possible to die from an overdose of alcohol.

Always call an ambulance.

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