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Playlist of ride-through videos of the Norwich Pedalways and other Norwich cycling routes
On the Norwich Cycling Campaign website


Cycling into the city from the east - The NDR junction and Yare viaduct

Getting into Norwich from the east is a real adventure, one that requires real nerve on what might be the worst cycle route in the country

Routes into Norwich - Dereham Road to the cathedral
August 2021

Bike ride through Norwich during the 2020 covid lockdown with Gloria soundtrack

Riding the pedalways - Yellow Pedalway south
August 2021

The southern half of Norwich's Yellow Pedalway runs from the A140 Ipswich Road, past the Norfolk University Technical College (UTC) into the city via Hall road and the Lakenham Way, an old railway line. It splits into two options, one using the full length of the Lakenham Way and the other using Hall Road past the Hewitt Academy school. As well as the UTC the route also serves the industrial area of Hall Road and runs along the eastern side of the Tuckwood estate.

Riding the Pedalways - The Yellow Pedalway's northern section
July 2021

The yellow Pedalway's northern half runs from the Aviation Academy near the airport into the city. It's mostly on road through quiet streets on on traffic calmed roads with a 20 mph limit. There are some sections of off road, mostly shared use pavements and several toucan crossings of busy roads.

Fundraiser video for the Stop the Wensum Link campaign
April 2021

Norwich isn't flat - The Green Pedalway
April 2021

Thorpe Road to Wolfe Road in the east of the city is a climb if 48 meters (157ft). Sadly it is necessary to get up there if that's where yo want to go and this is the easiest way up.

Marriots way missing link ride through
March 2921

In March 2021 the missing link of the Marriott's way was finally completed. This gives a high quality path between Hellesdon Road and Gunton lane, previously just a muddy track


Norwich city walls and gates
29th September 2020
A tour around the city walls of Norwich in 2020. The walls were built between 1294-1343 and no houses were built outside the wall until 1779-89.
Sadly much of it has been lost over the years but what remains is impressive.

All the gates have gone now, demolished between 1791 and 1808, but I've recreated them based on the drawings of by Leo R. Jary in his book "Through Ancient Gates: The Medieval Defences of Norwich" (Mark press)

Riding the Marriott's way
30th July 2020
with Steve Hansell Norwich to Whitwell.

The river crossings of Norwich
May 2020

Recorded at the same time as the routes collection, during the first covid lockdown in May 2020


Norwich Streets - Routes into Norwich
May 2020 (playlist)

The original routes into the city, now impossible to drive due to 1960's roadbuilding and later pedestrianisation. Recorded on empty streets during the Covid-19 lockdown

Also see the page here


Extinction Rebellion occupation of Marble Arch
April 2019

Marble Arch is normally a foul place of loud, polluting traffic. For over a week in April 2019 it was occupied by climate protesters Extinction Rebellion. They had also occupied Oxford Circus, which they had just lost. The result was a traffic free Oxford Street, normally one of the most vile polluted roads in London. We see the people evicted from Oxford Circus as they retreated in a dignified way back to Marble Arch and the police operation to reopen Oxford Circus to traffic. In addition to the eider arguments XR make, this shows what a wonderful and beautiful city London could be without cars.

The "420" celebration of cannabis
20th April 2019

Hyde park London, the same day as the EX video above

Anti-Brexit march, London
March 2019

The Nuclear Sockets
19th January 2019

The Nuclear Socketts formed in King’s Lynn, Norfolk in April, 1979. Video made from archive kept by Tox.



The Disrupters - the story of a punk band

In 1980 four young punks decided to form a band, although they had more enthusiasm than talent but that didn't matter, this was what punk was all about. That band became The Disrupters.


A cycleway fiasco
November 2015

A video I made for the Norwich Cycling Campaign when Norwich tried to build a cycle route

Vicky Hodgson, Medicinal Cannabis User

July 2015
An interview I made for CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

George Hutchings - A Plea For Cannabis

July 2015
A video I made for CLEAR Cannabis law reform.

George Hutchings suffers from 'Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease', otherwise known as 'Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathy. This is a progressive disease for which there is no cure. George tells his story and explains why he finds cannabis the best medicine.


Chester Northgate Forum car park explore
August 2011
An important part of the Forum centre were the many layers of underground car park, all accessed by evil looking passageways that smell of wee. Amazingly the original Otis lift is still there in its original form, totally unmodernised. When I wondered through with the camera there was a small gaggle of local kids hanging out in there getting stoned in a quiet corner, there must be better places to do that!

The Society of All British Road Enthusists awayday

August 2011
Basically a meet up in a pub for road geeks. This is a record of the road trip to have a look at the abandoned carriageway of the old A18(M) and the nearby unbuilt motorway service area at Hatfield near Donnington.

Oritse Williams of boyband JLS meets some young carers from Norfolk
11th June 2011
Oritse answers questions from the young carers and talks about his experiences of caring for his family when he was young.


The Fallen Leaves exhibition
August 2010
A part of the Jewish Museum (Judisches Museum) in Berlin remembering the holocaust.

Shifting MS
Autumn 2010
This was a film made by Gloria Morris which I edited and produced. Originally it had been made as a project for young film makers and they did an OK job, but it really deserved being made better so I offered to do a re-make. It was being given to all people diagnosed with MS in Norfolk.


Reedham Ferry, Norfolk

Half way between Norwich and Great Yarmouth, the Reedham chain pulled car ferry. This is the only way across the River Yare between Norwich and Yarmouth, if you don't take the ferry you have a 20 mile trip to get to the other side.


Hanf Parade, Berlin
7th August 2010

Here the march moves down Fredrick Str towards Under Den Linden. Approx 4,000 people on the march.


The old A11 at Elvedon, Norfolk drivethrough
May 25th 2013
The Elveden section of the A11 on the Norfolk / Suffolk boarder was the last remaining section of single carriageway between Norwich and London. It has been a serious traffic bottleneck for about 20 years now since the dualling of the rest of the A11


Stainsby Festival
July 2006

A very nice little folk festival near Clay Cross up north somewhere in 2006, when not only didn't it rain but the sun shone all weekend and it got stupidly hot. There were some stunning bands playing in the main tent but I wasn't allowed to video them. Nice festy though



The cannabis carnival
May 2002

A march from Kennington to Brockwell Park in Brixton.


The 2000 Cannabis Carnival
May 6th 2000

Ganja day, London, . A march from Kennington to to a festival in Brockwell Park in Brixton


Mayday is J day, London cannabis demo
Mayday 1999


The Independent On Sunday's Decriminalise Cannabis demo
Spring 1998


Offyerface rave
8th July 1995 Norwich Waterfront

The Offyerface collective were regulars in the Waterfront, often teaming up with Milky Lunch to do all night club nights. This was a special night to help celebrate "Norwich 800", the 800th anniversary birthday of the city of Norwich called "The House of Fun"


Globo clubnight
17th November 1994, Waterfront, Norwich

JCB the CJB - anti Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill demo (bad sound)
Chapelfield Gardens to Cow Tower, Norwich


vietnam the movie playlist

Vietnam the movie (Youtube playlist)
December 1992 - Jnuary 1993
My trip to Vietnam: Siagon - Mekong delta - Na Trang - Danang - Hue


Save the Wensum walk demo

The start of the campaign aginst road building in the Wensum valley in Norwich. The road was scrapped and is now the Sustrans Marriott's Way cycle/walking route


Berlin August 1990
The full VHS tape (2 hours 46 mins) unedited

End of the Berlin Wall

The end of the Berlin Wall (Youtube playlist)
August 1990
Berlin, July 1990. I'd watched the fall of the wall on TV news the previous December and having visited the city several times in the 1980's I was eager to see what had happened. As it turned out they had finally given up any idea of keeping a divided city shortly before I went over.


Anarchy Peace and Chips
Autumn 1988

A video I made for the Disrupters, a local punk band in Norwich who went on to national and even international punk fame. Features most of their set at the time. Shot on VHS and edited using a VHS deck and an old U-matic machine, all done on the fly with no edit controller. This is the tarted up digital remix.


Carmageddon by Kiss my Axe - Glastonbury festival
June 1987
Featuring Huge Arts "dubhenge"

Fish house Fair, Norfolk
July 1987


The making of the Waterfront
In 1986 the Norwich Venue Campaign, which had been working to create a venue for live music in Norwich got the keys to the old brewery warehouse on King Street. This is the first look around what would become the Waterfront a few years later.


Norwich street scenes
Spring 1986

Glastonbury Festival
June 1986

This was taken with a studipdly large and heavy camera / VHS recorder arrangement which weighed half a ton and was powered by a lead acid battery that lasted about 20 minutes and it only just worked.


Ballachulish ferry, Scotland
August 1973

The last year of operation, the ferry was replaced by a bridge which can be seen under construction.
(8mm film, silent).


The Telford Warehouses on the Shropshire Union canal at Ellesmere Port
5th August 1970 (8mm film, silent)
Now the site of the Canal museum